New NHL Teams

New NHL Teams

The NHL, steeped in tradition and passion, is experiencing a dynamic transformation with the introduction of new teams, reshaping the league’s geography and revitalizing the sport.

New NHL Teams:

The two most recent teams to join the NHL have been the Seattle Kraken (2021) and the Vegas Golden Knights (2017). Prior to that, the most recent team to join was the Minnesota Wild (2000).

New NHL Teams By Year

Team Name Year
Seattle Kraken 2021
Vegas Golden Knights 2017
Arizona Coyotes 2014
Anaheim Ducks 2006
Minnesota Wild 2000
Columbus Blue Jackets 2000
Atlanta Thrashers 1999
Nashville Predators 1998
Carolina Hurricanes 1997
Phoenix Coyotes 1996
Colorado Avalanche 1995
Florida Panthers 1993
Dallas Stars 1993
Mighty Ducks of Anaheim 1993
Tampa Bay Lightning 1992
San Jose Sharks 1991
Chicago Blackhawks 1986
New Jersey Devils 1982
Calgary Flames 1980
Quebec Nordiques* 1979
Hartford Whalers* 1979
Winnipeg Jets 1979
Edmonton Oilers 1979
Colorado Rockies* 1976
Cleveland Barons* 1976
Kansas City Scouts* 1974
Washington Capitals 1974
New York Islanders 1972
Atlanta Flames 1972
California Golden Seals* 1970
Buffalo Sabres 1970
Vancouver Canucks 1970
Philadelphia Flyers 1967
Oakland Seals* 1967
Pittsburgh Penguins 1967
St. Louis Blues 1967
Minnesota North Stars* 1967
Los Angeles Kings 1967
Brooklyn Americans* 1941
St. Louis Eagles* 1934
Detroit Red Wings 1932
Detroit Falcons* 1930
Philadelphia Quakers* 1930
New York Rangers 1926
Chicago Black Hawks 1926
Toronto Maple Leafs 1926
Detroit Cougars* 1926
Pittsburgh Pirates* 1925
New York Americans* 1925
Montreal Maroons* 1924
Boston Bruins 1924
Hamilton Tigers* 1920
Toronto St. Patricks* 1919
Quebec Athletic Club/Bulldogs* 1919
Toronto Arenas* 1917
Ottawa Senators 1917
Montreal Wanderers* 1917
Montreal Canadiens 1917

*Teams that are no longer around

When plotted out, the growth of the NHL over time looks like the following:

New NHL Teams By Year

The early days of the NHL were rough, with the league almost reaching extinction in 1918. The league was fortunately able to find a stable period in the 40s to 60s with the “Original 6” teams.

Since then the NHL has enjoyed consistent expansion, with new NHL teams being added every five to ten years or so.

The most new NHL teams added in one-go was the 1967 NHL expansion, with the league effectively doubling in size, from six teams (Original 6) to a total of twelve.

Other larger expansions were 1979 and 1926, with four teams being added in each expansion.

New NHL Teams’ Success

The Vegas Golden Knights and the Seattle Kraken have rewritten the script on NHL team ownership.

These franchises not only achieved success on the ice but also redefined owning an NHL team as a lucrative investment.

Vegas Golden Knights Win Loss Record

The Vegas Golden Knights, debuting in 2017, reached the Stanley Cup Final in their inaugural season. This was, in part, due to the overly-generous rules surrounding the 2017 expansion draft.

For the 2017 expansion draft, each NHL team could only protect:

  • One goalie.
  • Three defensemen.
  • Seven forwards.


  • One goalie.
  • Eight skaters (any).

Compare that to the 1967 expansion draft, where the Original 6 teams were allowed to protect:

  • One goaltender.
  • Eleven players.
  • Any player younger than ~20 years of age.
  • Any player sold to the following minor leagues before June 1st, 1966:
    • Western Hockey League (WHL)
    • Central Professional Hockey League (CPHL)

The 2017 expansion draft rules were also kept mostly consistent for the Seattle Kraken in 2021.

Joining in 2021, the Seattle Kraken swiftly rose to success, emphasizing the potential for NHL teams in non-traditional markets like Seattle.

Seattle Kraken Win Loss Record

They managed to make the playoffs in just their second NHL season.

Their rapid appreciation in value showcased the financial promise of NHL team ownership.

The success of the Vegas Golden Knights and the Seattle Kraken, with support from the league, has reshaped NHL ownership as a dynamic and rewarding venture.

As the league expands into new markets and attracts a global audience, the potential for growth in team valuations, revenue, and overall success continues to make NHL team ownership an enticing prospect in the world of professional sports.





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