Canadian Hockey Teams

How Many Canadian Teams Are In The NHL?

Explore the captivating history of all the Canadian hockey teams ever to hit the ice, from the Original Six to the modern era, in this article that delves into the rich tapestry of triumphs, heartbreaks, and the enduring spirit of hockey in the Great White North.

How Many Canadian Teams Are In The NHL?

There are 7 Canadian hockey teams in the NHL. They are the following:

  1. Montreal Canadiens
  2. Toronto Maple Leafs
  3. Ottawa Senators
  4. Vancouver Canucks
  5. Calgary Flames
  6. Edmonton Oilers
  7. Winnipeg Jets

Extinct Canadian Hockey Teams – NHL:

  1. Quebec Nordiques
  2. Montreal Maroons
  3. Toronto St. Patricks
  4. Hamilton Tigers
  5. Quebec Bulldogs
  6. Montreal Wanderers
  7. Toronto Arenas

Montreal Canadiens

City: MontrΓ©al
Joined: 1917
Stanley Cups: πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† (24)
GOATS: Maurice Richard, Guy LaFleur, Jean Beliveau, Larry Robinson, Patrick Roy, Carey Price

The Legendary Beginnings – 1917

Founded in 1909, the Canadiens oldest continually operating professional ice hockey team in the world.

They have been a part of the NHL since its inception in 1917.

Legend has it, they got their iconic nickname ‘Les Habitants’ from an early French-Canadian settlers’ moniker.

With 24 Stanley Cup wins under their belt, they’ve truly earned the title of ‘Canada’s Team.’

The Storied Rivalry – Habs and Bruins

In the NHL, rivalries add the extra spice to the game. Montreal Canadiens have their arch-nemesis in the form of the Boston Bruins.

This rivalry dates back to the 1920s, and it’s one of the most heated and historic rivalries in professional sports. These games are must-watch, and the intensity is palpable.

The Magnificent Maurice Richard – 1940s

Maurice “Rocket” Richard was a Canadiens legend in every sense.

He was the first player to score 50 goals in a season – which he did in a 50 game season – earning the nickname “Rocket” for his explosive speed. His presence on the ice was electric, and he’s still an icon in Montreal’s hockey lore.

The 1970s Dynasty

The 1970s were a golden era for the Canadiens. They secured a record-setting four consecutive Stanley Cups from 1976 to 1979.

The team was stacked with Hall of Fame talent, including the likes of Guy Lafleur and Ken Dryden. The ’70s Canadiens are the stuff of legends, and their triumphs are cherished by fans to this day.

Jesus Price – 2010s

In the modern era, goaltender Carey Price has stood as a formidable force between the pipes.

He’s been a cornerstone of the Canadiens since being drafted in 2005. Price’s heroics in the 2021 playoffs led the Habs to the Stanley Cup Finals, a thrilling journey that had fans on the edge of their seats.

Toronto Maple Leafs

City: Toronto
Joined: 1926
Stanley Cups: πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† (13)
GOATS: Darryl Sittler, Doug Gilmore, Johnny Bower, Auston Mattews

The Birth of a Legacy – 1926

In the heart of Toronto, the Toronto Maple Leafs, often referred to as the Leafs, are a hockey institution.

Established in 1917, and joining the NHL 1926, they’re one of the “Original Six” NHL teams. The team’s name comes from the iconic maple leaf, a symbol of Canada, and their history runs as deep as their passion for the game.

Number of NHL Teams Since 1917 Chart
The Enduring Rivalry – Leafs vs. Habs

If you mention the Leafs, you can’t avoid talking about their fierce rivalry with the Montreal Canadiens.

These two Canadian powerhouses have clashed on the ice for decades, creating memorable moments in hockey history.

These games are a showcase of Canadian pride and passion.

The Legend of the Kid Line – 1930s

In the 1930s, the Leafs boasted the “Kid Line” composed of Busher Jackson, Joe Primeau, and Charlie Conacher.

These young guns became legendary, leading the Leafs to their first Stanley Cup in 1932. Their youthful enthusiasm and skill captured the hearts of fans.

The ’67 Glory – 1967

For Leafs fans, 1967 is a cherished year. It marks the last time they hoisted the Stanley Cup.

Led by legends like Dave Keon and Tim Horton, the Leafs’ win that year holds a special place in the hearts of their loyal supporters, and they’re still yearning for another sip from the Cup.

Auston Matthews and the New Generation – 2020s

In recent years, Auston Matthews has emerged as the face of the franchise.

The young superstar has electrified the ice with his goal-scoring prowess and has reignited hope in the hearts of Leafs fans. The future looks bright for the blue and white.

Ottawa Senators

City: Ottawa
Joined: 1917, 1992
Folded: 1934
Stanley Cups: πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†
GOATS: Daniel Alfredsson, Erik Karlsson, Jason Spezza

Birth of a Capital Tradition – 1992

In the heart of the nation’s capital, the Ottawa Senators were reborn in 1992, carrying on the legacy of a franchise that dates back to 1883.

Their rich history is intertwined with the roots of professional hockey itself, making them a cornerstone of Canadian sports heritage.

The Sens and Their Heated Canadian Rivalries – Habs and Leafs

The Senators have carved out some intense rivalries over the years, but none quite as fierce as their battles with the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens.

These matchups evoke strong emotions and ignite the competitive spirit in fans, contributing to some unforgettable hockey moments.

The Original Senators – 1917

Ottawa’s hockey history is also steeped in the legacy of the original Senators.

In the early 20th century, they were a dominant force, winning the Stanley Cup four times.

Their iconic 1920 team, dubbed the “Original Senators,” featured legendary players like Frank Nighbor and Clint Benedict. It’s a legacy that’s carried on by the modern Senators.

The Miracle Run of 2007

One of the most thrilling chapters in Senators history is their unexpected journey to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2007.

Led by captain Daniel Alfredsson and star defenseman Erik Karlsson, the Sens captured the hearts of fans with their remarkable playoff run, even though they fell just short of the ultimate prize.

The Battle of Ontario

The Senators’ rivalry with the Toronto Maple Leafs, known as the “Battle of Ontario,” is a fierce and enduring one.

Fans on both sides passionately support their teams, and the games between these two rivals are always hotly contested, producing some of the most memorable moments in Senators history.

Building for the Future – 2020s

As the Senators continue their journey in the NHL, a new generation of stars, including Brady Tkachuk and Thomas Chabot, is emerging.

Fans eagerly anticipate what the future holds for the team as they build toward their next chapter of success.

Vancouver Canucks

City: Vancouver
Joined: 1970
Stanley Cups: 🚫
GOATS: Henrik Sedin, Daniel Sedin, Pavel Bure, Markus Naslund, Roberto Luongo

Setting Sail in the Pacific – 1970

Founded in 1970, the Vancouver Canucks are a relatively young franchise compared to some of their Original Six counterparts.

They quickly became the pride of Canada’s west coast and a source of passion for fans in British Columbia and beyond.

The Mighty ’82 Cinderella Run

The Canucks’ Cinderella run to the 1982 Stanley Cup Finals captured the hearts of fans.

They fell just one game short of winning the championship, but the “Flying V” jerseys and the play of legendary goalie Richard Brodeur are etched in the memory of Canucks supporters.

Pavel Bure, the Russian Rocket – 1990s

Pavel Bure, known as the “Russian Rocket,” was a dynamic scorer for the Canucks. He led the league in goals for two seasons and remains one of the most electrifying players in NHL history. Bure’s legacy lives on as he was the first player in franchise history to have his number retired.

The West Coast Express Line – 2000s

In the early 2000s, the “West Coast Express” line featuring Todd Bertuzzi, Brendan Morrison, and Markus Naslund was an offensive powerhouse.

They wowed fans with their speed and scoring prowess, leaving a lasting mark in Canucks history.

The Sedins’ Magical Connection – 2010s

Twin brothers Daniel and Henrik Sedin were the heart and soul of the Canucks for over a decade. Their mesmerizing on-ice chemistry and playmaking abilities made them one of the most iconic duos in NHL history. Henrik, in particular, holds the record for the most points in franchise history.

Edmonton Oilers

Joined: 1979
Stanley Cups: πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†
GOATS: Wayne Gretzky, Connor Mcdavid, Mark Messier, Paul Coffey, Jarri Kurri

The Birth of a Dynasty – 1979

The Edmonton Oilers, established in 1971, are a team synonymous with greatness.

Their story begins with the arrival of a young superstar named Wayne Gretzky, whose presence would ignite one of the most legendary dynasties in NHL history.

Gretzky and the Records – 1980s

Wayne Gretzky, “The Great One,” rewrote the NHL record books during his time with the Oilers.

He holds numerous all-time records, including the most career goals, assists, and points. The ’80s Oilers, led by Gretzky, remain one of the most dominant teams in the history of the sport.

The 1984-85 Dream Team

In the 1984-85 season, the Oilers were virtually unstoppable.

They won their second consecutive Stanley Cup with a staggering 47-point lead in the regular season, a record that still stands.

Gretzky and his teammates brought the city of Edmonton immense pride.

The Battle of Alberta

The rivalry between the Oilers and the Calgary Flames, known as the “Battle of Alberta,” is one of the most intense in NHL history.

These matchups are filled with physical play and unforgettable moments, making them a highlight of each season for fans.

The Arrival of Connor McDavid, AKA McJesus – 2020s

In recent years, Connor McDavid has emerged as the new face of the franchise.

With his incredible speed and skill, McDavid has rekindled the hopes of Oilers fans for another Stanley Cup run. He’s already set numerous records of his own and is poised to be a legend in his own right.

Calgary Flames

City: Calgary
Joined: 1980
Stanley Cups: πŸ†
GOATS: Jarome Iginla, Al MacInnis, Theoren Fleury

Flames of the West are Born – 1980

In 1972, the Calgary Flames were born, bringing NHL hockey to the heart of Alberta.

Their journey has been one of fiery determination and passionate fan support, earning them a special place in the hearts of Western Canadians.

The 1989 Stanley Cup Triumph

The Flames’ finest moment came in 1989 when they captured their first Stanley Cup.

Led by legendary captain Lanny McDonald and star goaltender Mike Vernon, they defeated the Montreal Canadiens in a thrilling showdown that went the distance. It remains a cherished memory for Flames fans.

The Battle of Alberta Rivalry

The Flames share one of the NHL’s most intense rivalries with the Edmonton Oilers in the “Battle of Alberta.” These fierce matchups have seen epic battles between legendary players like Wayne Gretzky and Theo Fleury, creating an enduring legacy.

Jarome Iginla: The Flames’ Icon – 2000s

Jarome Iginla, a Flames legend, is the franchise’s all-time leader in goals, assists, and points.

His leadership and dedication to the team made him an icon in Calgary and endeared him to fans across the league.

Fighting Spirit of the Flames

The Flames are known for their resilience and the fighting spirit they bring to the ice.

They’ve had their share of memorable playoff runs, including the “Red Mile” phenomenon in 2004 when fans filled the streets of Calgary to support their team’s journey to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Winnipeg Jets

City: Winnipeg
Joined: 1979, 2011
Folded: 1996
Stanley Cups: 🚫
GOATS: Dale Hawerchuk, Temu Selanne, Bobby Hull

The Original Jets and the WHA Legacy – 1979

Before relocating to Phoenix and becoming the Coyotes, the original Winnipeg Jets made a name for themselves in the NHL, qualifying for the playoffs in eleven of their initial seventeen seasons.

Coming from the WHA, they were an experienced team led by iconic players like Bobby Hull and Anders Hedberg.

The Rebirth of a Hockey Legacy – 2011

In 2011, the Winnipeg Jets were reborn, recapturing the hockey spirit of Manitoba.

The city of Winnipeg, starved for NHL action since the departure of the original Jets in 1996, welcomed their return with open arms and open hearts.

The Emergence of Mark Scheifele and Patrik Laine – 2015

Mark Scheifele and Patrik Laine were two young stars who breathed new life into the Jets. Scheifele, a dynamic center, and Laine, known for his incredible shot, injected excitement and hope for the future.

The North Division Triumph – 2021

In the 2020-2021 season, the Jets captured the North Division title, their first division championship since returning to Winnipeg.

It was a testament to the team’s dedication and the enduring passion of their fans.

Quebec Nordiques

City: Quebec City
Joined: 1979
Folded: 1995
Stanley Cups: 🚫
GOATS: Joe Sakic, Peter Stastny, Michel Goulet

The Birth of Les Nordiques – 1979

The Quebec Nordiques, founded in 1972, were a symbol of pride and passion for the province of Quebec.

Their story is a rollercoaster ride of excitement, heartbreak, and enduring love from their fans.

The Rivalry with the Montreal Canadiens

The Nordiques’ fierce rivalry with the Montreal Canadiens, known as the “Battle of Quebec,” was legendary.

These games were emotionally charged, intense affairs that left fans breathless. The rivalry remains one of the most cherished in NHL history.

The Great Ones That Got Away – 1990s

The Nordiques drafted some of the brightest stars in the NHL, including Joe Sakic and Mats Sundin.

However, financial challenges led to their relocation, breaking the hearts of Quebec fans and denying the franchise the chance to bask in their full glory.

Return of NHL Dreams

The dream of bringing an NHL team back to Quebec City is a persistent one.

Fans continue to hope for the return of the Nordiques, and there’s still a sense of “what could have been” that lingers.

In Memoriam

While the Quebec Nordiques no longer grace the NHL ice, their legacy endures in the hearts and minds of their passionate fans.

The story of the Nordiques is a bittersweet tale of a franchise that was beloved, and a chapter in NHL history that is cherished by all who remember it.

Montreal Maroons

City: MontrΓ©al
Joined: 1924
Folded: 1938
Stanley Cups: πŸ†πŸ†
GOATS: Nels Stewart

The Forgotten Contenders – 1924

The Montreal Maroons, founded in 1924, were overshadowed by their more famous rivals, the Montreal Canadiens.

However, they were a force to be reckoned with, boasting a unique place in hockey history.

The Only Team to Win the Stanley Cup Twice in the 1920s

The Maroons were the only team to win the Stanley Cup twice during the NHL’s early years in the 1920s.

Their victories in 1926 and 1935 are a testament to their competitive spirit and skill.

End of an Era – 1938

Despite their successes, the financial difficulties of the Great Depression plagued the Maroons, and they ceased operations in 1938.

Their legacy, though often overlooked, remains an intriguing chapter in the annals of hockey history.

Toronto St. Patricks

City: Toronto
Joined: 1919
Folded: 1926
Stanley Cups: πŸ†
GOATS: Babe Dye, Reg Noble

The Green Origins – 1919

Before they became the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1927, the franchise was known as the Toronto St. Patricks.

The St. Pats, named after the patron saint of Ireland, added a touch of green to Toronto’s hockey scene.

Birth of an Icon – 1920s

The St. Pats laid the foundation for the storied franchise that would become the Maple Leafs.

While the team underwent a name change, they retained the passionate support of Toronto’s fans.

Babe Dye Heroics

Babe Dye, one of the St. Pats’ standout players, was a key contributor to their successes.

Had the Rocket Richard Trophy been around at the time (awarded to the top goal scorer in the NHL), he would have won it four times.

He’s remembered for his tenacity and skill, and his legacy is an integral part of the St. Pats’ story.

Hamilton Tigers

City: Hamilton
Joined: 1920
Folded: 1925
Stanley Cups: 🚫

Before the modern-day NHL teams we know today, there were franchises like the Hamilton Tigers, whose story adds a unique flavor to the league’s history.

Founded in 1920, the Tigers roared onto the ice with their distinctive black and gold jerseys.

The Tigers have a fascinating story filled with twists and turns. In 1925, they finished first in the regular season, but a dispute over playoff bonuses led to the team refusing to participate in the playoffs – a unionized strike.

This unusual event ultimately resulted in the suspension of several players and the franchise’s decline.

One of the most memorable moments in the Tigers’ history was the legendary goal-scoring prowess of Harry “Punch” Broadbent.

He set the NHL single-season goal record with 27 goals during the 1921-1922 season. His remarkable achievement is still remembered today.

The franchise’s time in Hamilton was relatively short-lived, but their legacy is a cherished part of NHL history.

Despite the challenges and controversies they faced, the Tigers added a unique chapter to the early days of professional hockey, and their name still echoes through the halls of hockey history.

Quebec Bulldogs

City: Quebec City
Joined: 1919
Folded: 1920
Stanley Cups: 🚫
GOATS: Joe Malone

The Quebec Bulldogs, founded in 1878, are a fascinating chapter in the early history of professional hockey.

They were known for their tenacity and resilience, earning a place in the hearts of early hockey enthusiasts.

One of the intriguing aspects of the Bulldogs’ history is their versatility. They played in various leagues, including the Eastern Canada Amateur Hockey Association (ECAHA) and the National Hockey Association (NHA), showcasing their ability to adapt to the evolving landscape of the sport.

An interesting tidbit from their history is the role they played in the formation of the NHL. The Bulldogs’ owner, Joe Malone, was one of the prominent figures who attended the meeting that led to the creation of the NHL in 1917.

The Bulldogs were champions of the ECAHA in 1913 and 1914, and their achievements added a touch of glory to the early years of professional hockey. While their time in the spotlight was relatively short, their tenacious spirit left an indelible mark on the sport.

The Bulldogs may not be as well-known as some of the modern NHL teams, but their story is an essential part of hockey’s history.

Toronto Arenas

City: Toronto
Joined: 1917
Folded: 1919
Stanley Cups: πŸ†
GOATS: Reg Noble

The Toronto Arenas, established in 1917, are the true origin of the Toronto Maple Leafs franchise.

They played a crucial role in shaping the NHL’s early years and sowing the seeds for a storied hockey legacy.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Arenas’ history is their place as the very first NHL team in Toronto. They were the pioneers of professional hockey in the city and laid the foundation for the passion that still burns brightly among Leafs fans.

An interesting historical fact is that the Arenas’ won the Stanley Cup in their second season in 1918. This victory remains a testament to the early excellence of the Toronto franchise.

The Arenas’ iconic blue-and-white colors and uniforms, still carried by the Maple Leafs today, connect the past to the present. The transition from the Arenas to the St. Patricks and, ultimately, the Maple Leafs reflects the enduring spirit of hockey in Toronto.

The Toronto Arenas may not be a household name, but their significance in the history of the NHL and the Toronto Maple Leafs is immeasurable.

Montreal Wanderers

City: MontrΓ©al
Joined: 1917
Folded: 1918
Stanley Cups: 🚫

The Montreal Wanderers, founded in 1903, were pioneers in the early days of Canadian hockey.

They were among the first teams to compete for the Stanley Cup, leaving a lasting impact on the sport, unfortunately meeting a tragic end to their

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Wanderers’ history is their unique nickname and logo. The team’s “W” logo with a flowing scarf is a distinctive piece of hockey memorabilia and a symbol of their era.

A fascinating historical note is that the Wanderers were one of the founding teams of the NHL in 1917. Their legacy helped shape the league, which has since become the premier professional hockey organization in the world.

Their abrupt departure from the NHL in 1918, after a fire destroyed their arena, marks a dramatic chapter in their history.

While the Montreal Wanderers may not be as well-remembered as some of the modern NHL teams, their pioneering spirit and contributions to the early days of professional hockey in Canada remain a vital part of the sport’s rich history.





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